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Tel: + 27 31 569 1058
Cell: + 27 74 327 3365
Shop 8
1461 Chris Hani Road (Northcoast Road)
Redhill, Durban
Vehicle workshop that carries out repairs and services to all makes and model vehicles.


Who is Mars Garage??

Mars Garage was established by Mornay Coombe. Mornay has been in the motor industry for many years. He started out as an apprentice working for a small workshop in Durban North. There he worked on anything from a 1932 Ford Prefect to a 3 Ton Truck. From there he moved to Mercedes-Benz, then onto Nissan. Through the following years Mornay has worked with Audi, Volkswagen, Toyota and many other brands which included working in the motor industry in the United Kingdom.



Why does Mars Garage Exist???

Mornay realised there was a need for a reasonable but trustworthy car service centre which takes great care of your car and delivered excellent customer service. With the current South African market, vehicle owners are holding onto their cars longer, which means that these cars need to be maintained and repaired. He also found that owners are looking for more affordable options to maintain their cars.

Mars Garage has been able to keep their rates very competetive and affordable. We have been able to secure parts at a really good price. We do not compromise on the quality of parts and always seek out the best quality at the best price. Due to Mars been so competitive in the local market car owners have been coming back and have been refering their friends and family members.

If you haven't seen it yet, on your left there are testimonials from customers who have used Mars Garage to service or repair their cars. These testimonials are only a glimps of the service they have experienced and what you can can too.